My name is Natacha, 26, I live in Switzerland. Agoraphobic, I remained a child in my head. Fan of Lion King, Gerard Way and..... I will love MCR all my life.

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Gerard Way. VyRT. Hesitant Alien listening. 9.29.14
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'Happy #HesitantAlien Day!' x
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“These songs inspired either the writing or recording of “Hesitant Alien”. Or both.”
1. Brian Eno – Needles In The Camel’s Eye»» To me, this was the starting point for how I wanted Hesitant Alien to sound. You can hear bits of it in “Action Cat”. I still want to figure out this drum sound. 
2. David Bowie – Station to Station»» I thought about Bowie’s Berlin period a lot when making this album. I was thinking of it when I wrote “The Bureau”.
3. Iggy Pop – Sister Midnight»» Iggy spent time recording with Bowie in Berlin, and The Idiot is an album that came out of it. I was inspired by this album cover for the cover to HA and also the look. 
4. Supergrass – Caught By The Fuzz»» I feel like you can hear this song’s influence mainly in “Millions”, especially the ending bass-line. I remember being in art school when this came out and how young it felt, how pure. 
5. Pulp – Common People»» Lyrically this song always resonated with me. I was able to completely relate to being a kid from NJ that just wanted out. England and NJ didn’t seem that different to me. Lyrically I also took a nod from this to talk about my own hometown experiences in “Drugstore Perfume”.
6. The Jesus And Mary Chain – Just Like Honey»» You can also hear some of their influence on the album and more specifically, “Drugstore Perfume”. I was completely enchanted by their production and approach.
7. Superball – Helium»» Mary Timony is one of my guitar heroes, and I thought about her runs in this song and also “Medusa” off of her album “The Dirt of Luck” when I was recording “Zero Zero”.
8. Sleater Kinney – I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone»» I love how “Call The Doctor Sounds”. I love the playing, I love the vocals, I love the sentiments. I thought about this band a lot when I was making HA.
9. Wire – I Am The Fly»» I think you can hear a lot of Wire in a lot of bands’ music. They are extremely influential, and so far ahead of their time that their albums, down to the sound and the arrangements, still pop up to this day. “No Shows” was really influenced by Wire.
10. Blur - Sing»» Something about the Trainspotting soundtrack is so special, so eclectic but powerful. I think its eclectic nature has rubbed off on my own music, as my albums tend to be very varied. This song really inspired me with “Brother”.
11. The Pixies – Alec Eiffel»» I feel like “Maya The Psychic” owes a lot to this song. I was definitely chasing Frank Black’s lyrical abstraction. I have always loved all of the tones, from every instrument in this band, and I chased that kind of thing all over the album. 
12. Teenage Fanclub – The Concept»» I felt like sometimes when I was making HA I was trying to capture the spirit of this band. I don’t know that I ever got there but “Bandwagonesqe” remains one of my most listenable albums of all time. I love this band so much. 
13. Lou Reed – Walk On The Wild Side»» This song is a classic, and the big source of inspiration to the lyrics of “Get The Gang Together”. I thought of a group of people in their 20’s that used to hang out and what happened to all of them by the time they were 35. 
14. The Breeders – New Year»» Gigantic influence on me. I bought “Last Splash” on cassette when it came out, sometime after buying “Trompe Le Monde”. I love everything about this album, I love the personal yet odd lyrics, the sound of everything. Their willingness it seemed, to try anything always stuck with me. 
15. Morrissey – Sister I’m A Poet»» An artist I have admired for most of my life, Morrissey has always spoken to me and been extremely important. His songs around this period had elements of Spy, but also this jangly, freight-train aspect, that I sought to capture in “How It’s Going To Be”. 
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